Thursday, August 21, 2008

So This is IT.......

First post on my first blog. Hmmm. I have no clue what to write, so I guess I will tell you about my recent happenings. About three months ago, I got a 1966 Mustang Coupe. It is a red six cylinder with black interior. Not a bad car at all! And to think that this is my first car!
I really started this blog because of one of my teachers in school, Mr. McCloud. He is a great guy so far, and I really thought that this was something he was into, and I want to experience it. He's one of those guys with all the latest stuff, and seems to know about everything.
So far, so good. Junior year started six days ago. One of the hardest years in high school as I'm told. You really have to prove yourself this year, and put everything you have into your work. That is so not like me! The last two years of school have been less than productive. I guess when you blow off all of your work and expect to pass with a decent grade, you really have nothing to complain about when you find out that you didn't get that scholarship you wanted.
Well, I'm getting tired, had a long day. I think I'll be off to take a shower and hit the sack in a few. Goodbye for now readers, goodbye for now.

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