Monday, July 27, 2009

Where have I been?

Yeah, what he said up above!
But to be quite truthful, I've not really been anywhere. Here, obviously, but nowhere in particular. It's been a while, my friends.
So what's new with me, you ask? Nothing, really. I'm still not vegan, but not to worry; I am closing in on this target. I haven't bought anything in the last year or so that was from an animal, so I think this is pretty damn good!
Two more cats have come to live with us. They are both black, but they are also about 3 years apart in age. The eldest is a male; his name is Raj. The youngest of the two is a little female that we just brought inside a couple of weeks ago; her name is Raven. We also have an outdoor ferral cat; his name is Bear. Right now we're trying to get him to come to us so that we can tame him, and eventually bring him inside.
So a new school year starts in as little as 17 days. This summer hasn't particularly flown by, but it is still sad to see another summer lost to the fall. But alas! This is my final year of high school! I plan to take this one easy, while working the majority of the time after school. Hopefully. I haven't had a job in two years, so I'm very unsure of this.
But anywho, then it's off to working for two years, while paying off my Mustang, and saving some money to travel to Tokyo, and also to take a small "Eurotrip".
I guess the one good thing that comes with starting school is the school clothes shopping, and the fact that my birthday comes relatively soon after we start up in August. Before you know it, it will be summer again, and this time, it's going to last for two years! Yeah!
So as I finish up, I will leave you with this final idea: Never let life get ahead of you. You need to take time to not only smell the roses along the way, but to plant more. Enjoy your life, have fun.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where did I go wrong?

So my Megan. My sweet girl. You know I love you. That I have for years, and that I always will. I want whats best for you though. Even if that means living life without me. Go on, live it. Its awaiting you. Run to it.
I won't say much, as its getting late. We got a new cat, Smokey. She's a russian blue. Shy and crazy, just the way I like my women!
Anyway, I've made the biggest mistake of my life, and can't take it back. I just hope that she can learn to forgive me. And I pray that she doesn't hurt anymore. I will end that yeti's life. Her boyfriend, the rare, red-headed sasquatch! I hate him so much...
Still trying for veganism. Its going to take me a while. I have to live alone, and right now I'm only 17, 18 in October. But even then I'm going to still live with the family, so it may be a few years before I'm totally into veganism. But the longer I wait, the sweeter the rewards.
Zune pass for one month, and I got to keep all the music for free. ALL of it. I don't know how either. Glitch or something, but now its mine for good. At least for now that is. I'm hoping for good.
Shite....what else is on my mind...lets see...
Took a walk on the wild side a few days ago. Sandcreek trails. Dead dog body. Decomposing. Creepy. Sad. Unfortunate. Lots of thoughts in my mind about it. is getting ready for bed, and I'm going to shut down this Dell! First to check if my Megan is on YIM though...
Talk to you later readers. I'll also try for more posts more often. And to get more than zero readers! I'm my only so far...sad...
But anywho, GOODNIGHT!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Love and Veganism

Such a strange and unusual thing.
The thing is, it finds you, whether your ready for it or not. I fell in love. It happened to be last night, around midnight. It was within the dream realm that I saw the love of my life and knew that I would love her forever. She was merely a woman in my dreams. I've never seen her in real life, just in my prayers and thoughts. I've been questioning whether or not love will find me. And it surely has.
I will not rest until I find you, mystery woman of my dreams.

On a second note, I am almost totally vegan. I still eat no meat, and I haven't for about two years. Three will be in August of O-Nine.
To help me on my quest of veganism, I have compiled a list of all vendors that offer vegan essentials. To keep track of these for years to come, I will write them all down right here:!-466324668&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1408474395565326&bmUID=1231037522641 (Just had to!)

And much more to come!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So This is IT.......

First post on my first blog. Hmmm. I have no clue what to write, so I guess I will tell you about my recent happenings. About three months ago, I got a 1966 Mustang Coupe. It is a red six cylinder with black interior. Not a bad car at all! And to think that this is my first car!
I really started this blog because of one of my teachers in school, Mr. McCloud. He is a great guy so far, and I really thought that this was something he was into, and I want to experience it. He's one of those guys with all the latest stuff, and seems to know about everything.
So far, so good. Junior year started six days ago. One of the hardest years in high school as I'm told. You really have to prove yourself this year, and put everything you have into your work. That is so not like me! The last two years of school have been less than productive. I guess when you blow off all of your work and expect to pass with a decent grade, you really have nothing to complain about when you find out that you didn't get that scholarship you wanted.
Well, I'm getting tired, had a long day. I think I'll be off to take a shower and hit the sack in a few. Goodbye for now readers, goodbye for now.